Saturday, August 4, 2007


August 4, 2007

Here's yesterday's photo of my nephew standing in front of my Element and holding the sketch I did for him:

And here's the sketch itself:

This sketch is a prime example of why I ought to be looking at what I'm drawing, rather than using my memory: don't you love the way the side of the Element sags into the drawing?!

Later I had to spend more than an hour washing the Element (using baking soda) because a tree dripped sap all over it, and it looked like a cabal of farmers had stood around it spitting chewing tobacco onto it. It looked like acidy stains. The paint doesn't seem to have been pocked or anything, but it was quite a job trying to get the brown off the vehicle. It kind of scared me--I was afraid my new vehicle was already ruined.


enig said...

great drawing precisely because of the bulging element sides
and the cabal of 'bacco spitters had me laughing

Sheila Ryan said...

Even though India's DrawMo! blog/project seems to be lying in abeyance for the moment, it's worth looking at if you've not done so (or not done so recently).

(I'm kind of embarrassed to see that I'm listed as one of the Drawmonauts, even though -- after a great show of enthusiasm last fall -- I never even participated.)

Anyway, DrawMo! still exists at

carla said...

hello cooper. i just read your comment on my blog. hope you are enjoying your rest in the states again. we are planning some camping trips and a trip to the beach so let me know when you get back from colorado. maybe we can finally have that cup of tea. although i don't like tea. i'll have water. :)