Friday, August 31, 2007


This morning I made a visit to my great-niece's kindergarten class to do a little storytelling. I think it may have been my first full-scale performance since last December when I retired. In addition to pretending to fall asleep in the chair (awakening as they laughed at me), I told them the story of Little Babaji (aka Little Black Sambo) and sang "She'll Be Comin' Around the Mountain" with them. My aunt took photos while I performed. In this photo I'm think I may still be doing shtick (asking who's married, etc.)

In this photo, I suspect I must be growling like one of the tigers.

My great-niece, now out of school for the day, has already asked for the story again. Yikes.


DrTee said...

Just to let you know that someone is reading. I thought tonight I'd see if you were blogging since you're back in travel mode.

I'm guessing Dumas is in fact DOO-muss, since Madrid, NM is MAD-rid, and Milan, Tennessee is MILE-un.

I started school this week. Since I have only one class and have resigned all administrative duties, I'm feeling pretty retired myself.

Do you think your niece would like this cat?

Durando said...

Telling a great story in reflective clothing. How could you miss? Excellent photos, Cooper.

Cooper Renner said...

Good to know the Travel Log has been discovered again. MILE-un (Tennessee) sounds as bad as luh-MITE-er (New Mexico). Of course my friend Dave in El Paso votes for the DUMB-ASS pronunciation.

I hope you are enjoying semi-unoffiicial retirement, drtee! But I don't think my niece's dog would get along with the cat. . . .

Welcome back, Junco. Are you teaching this fall? How is the weather? I will be in Switzerland for a week, at the end of September.

DrTee said...


I thought he had been touched by an angel!