Friday, January 15, 2010


One of my sisters gave me a Learn Maltese CD-ROM for Christmas, and I've been working with it to get some basic words and phrases down. It's nice to hear the correct pronunciation.

Here's your question: What is xemx (pronounced shemsh)? Here's your clue: We get very little of it in south Texas. (Answer below.)

Today I picked up my special order from the bookstore: Grazio Falzon's Maltese Dictionary & Phrasebook. It will help me build a broader vocabulary, as well as giving me some basic information on the structure of the language and so forth. Trying to pick up some words in a new language is fun. Right now, for example, using words I've learned from the CD-ROM, I can tell you I'm wearing: flokk, qalziet qasir, kalzetti and zraben. (T-shirt, short pants, socks and shoes. Yes, I'm wearing boxer shorts too, but I don't know how to say that yet!)

ANSWER to "What is xemx?": Sun


Cooper Renner said...

Boxers, briefs, etc. are all apparently qalziet ta' taht (pants of under).

Durando said...

Once again, this is the Arabic word for sun: شمس