Thursday, June 16, 2016

Malta in fiction!

Americans don't write about Malta. Americans don't visit Malta. Americans aren't sure if Malta and Yalta aren't the same thing. Mostly, anyway!

But of course there is Thomas Pynchon's V., partly set in Valletta. (I haven't read it.) And there are my tales of the Maltese werewolves, beginning with A Death by the Sea (see And now there is Elizabeth Kadetsky and her On the Island at the Center of the Center of the World. (Remind yourself what Mediterranean means.) Published by, Kadetsky's novella centers around the brief stay of a young single mother and her 11-year-old son in Valletta, as feast days approach, the groceries are in perpetual shortage, and the things on the island seem not quite to add up to reality. Not magic realism, not exactly realism, but something similar, something haunted, something just a bit skewed. Maybe you'll give it a look!

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