Sunday, September 23, 2007

Greetings from St. Moritz, Switzerland

Hello, everyone.This will be a short post because I am on the world's slowest Internet connection! No photos this time around because I am working on a public computer. I will add photos after returning to the States.

We left DFW airport a little after 4:30 on Friday, more than 90 minutes behind schedule. The jet's fuel gauge was not working, so we could not leave until that was taken care of--we had fuel, but no way of reading it. We arrived in Zurich just before 9:30 a.m., local time: or 2:30 Dallas time. We were exhausted, of course. We reached the hotel before 11 and got checked into our rooms. We visited a nearby grocery and got items for lunch: for me, an apple, some chips, some 'ham-cheese' I ended up being a bit afraid to eat. The girls (Janis and Debbie) got 'nice' things like quiche!

Later Debbie and I took a walk toward the downtown area while Janis rested. We encountered some kind of march or demonstration, apparently people in the buildings trades wanting better wages. Otherwise we mostly saw shops--many closed on a Saturday afternoon--along with cafes and restaurants and residential highrises. Zurich is on the Limmat River which comes right through town. It's Switzerland's largest city, with about 350,000 people. The country has about 7.5 million people overall. Our guide told us that 'low-wage' earners here, including house-keepers, entry-level factory workers and so forth, make about 3000 dollars a month. A bank director, he said, would make about 9000 dollars a month. So the Swiss are clearly way ahead of us in salary equity! Of course it's a much more expensive place to live.

Well, I must shut down now and file this post or I will get cut off before it has time to register. Perhaps I will have a chance to make another post before next week or maybe not. Check back!

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