Monday, July 30, 2007

A question for readers

The question is a simple one: now that I'm back in the U.S. and--for the moment--just sort of hanging out and resting, should I continue the Travel Log or let it lie in abeyance until I'm on the road again, whether in Europe or the States?


jack said...

good afternoon cooper

i was sitting down splashing some light yellow on a canvas
smoking a cigarette in the other hand
and wondering why I could not manage to get the coffee in my mouth
without spilling it

I thought of you being a poet an all
and confess
i made the mistake of helping some one I respected kick start their poetry forum
jesus they are hateful places
the worst thing
the very worst thing is not indifference or being ignored
it’s being assailed by the average mind

so you survived England
floods bombs and the British museum that’s good traveling if you think about
figure the flight home must have been like being on the mayflower except star bucks
was waiting
and there was little chance of you being scalped after landing

ah yes
to answer the question above
write cooper
you have an eye for detail that is heroic
think Texas
I was in El Paso in seventy four it caught my imagination as a boarder town
I figure there is as much to write about there as the was over here

next time come down to Greece
there’s lot of boat rides in between places
islands and Anatolia to visit
there’s no rain and the place is like being in the British museum except on a larger scale

warm regards jack

enig said...

how about some hanging out commentry you know those things that catch your eye, engage your mind

DrTee said...

I say keep it as a travel blog and start another blog for other things--my grad students all have multiple blogs.

Sheila Ryan said...

A belated response from a bedraggled reader: I'm inclined toward your retaining the Travel Log's character as a travel blog by continuing to write of travel plans, of outfitting the Element for anticipated road-tripping, and so on while you cool your heels in Hell.