Sunday, September 30, 2007

A little logy, maybe

I just returned from Switzerland yesterday afternoon, and I slept a long time last night. It was a 31-hour day for me! I hope to start arranging and writing up accounts, from my notes, maybe tonight. I'd like to start posting a more organized version of the trip tomorrow. We'll see. In the meantime, a few photos.

This is from a little park (?) right next to our hotel in Zürich.

On the first day of the bus touring itself, we went to a little place called Appenzell, on to Liechtenstein, and then on to St. Moritz. This is an old Citroen, parked in the Appenzell town center.

And this is one of many tombstones there which featured stained glass. I obscured part of the name, just for privacy reasons.

The castle of the prince of Liechtenstein, overlooking the town of Vaduz. You can see, by the crane, that work must be going on:

A sculpture by Henry Moore on display in Vaduz:

And this is the "old" school building in St. Moritz. If you can zoom in on this (if the file is large enough), you can see the writing which goes across the front of the building. It's in Romansch, which is spoken by about 1% of the Swiss:

More to follow!

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Benbulbin said...

A most interesting account of your journey.

The fresco in the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli is by the Italian artist Bernardino Luini (1483-1532) and was painted in 1529

The companion fresco is also by him and shows Saint Rocco.