Sunday, May 20, 2007

Early Morning at Sea

This is a photo I didn't get posted after I made it to land from the ship. I took it not long after sunup one morning, probably the morning we all got up earlier than normal expecting to see Gibraltar.


jack said...

Good afternoon cooper

The gray silvered early morning photograph is one to be envious of,
Whistler equally comes to mind as Monet might, allowing for a different complexion of colour; they are images of a late sun on the river Thames
but to go out on a limb I might suggest the photograph as the subtlety of light
Rembrandt might demonstrate when painting a buckle or a chalice

Whilst I am in a mood of admiring
I am impressed by your ability to absorb information during your walks
around the island and reform it as a tapestry of observations and incidental meetings
your writing is a warm breeze

Colchester you say
not far from my place of birth
it is one and half hours by train from London’s Liverpool street station
Not quite as far as Cairo but being a Texan you will get my drift

Being an American in Europe I think it unlikely you would encounter
much bother
just bare in mind the Europeans are given to tilting at windmills from the back of aged horses

I find the notations on underpants informative

Warm regards jack lindus
Look forward to meeting you cooper

Cooper Renner said...

I'm pleased that folks are liking the photograph, especially since I had at first sort of set it aside.

And really pleased that people enjoy the travel log. I have fun writing it up, but that doesn't always mean that others have fun reading it.

I am certainly hoping to make it to Greece at the end of September or first of October. I'll let you all know as the time gets closer.